[Transfer Special] Ed Woodward on Pedro Failings "we have bigger targets"

Interesting if true by Ed Woodward and his associates.

What does this mean

Well, not a lot really. The media like to link Man United to every Tom, Dick and Harry that have ever remotely been successful in kicking a football. I think the best way to look at this is to narrow down who a bigger signing than Pedro would be?

It is easy to suggest the following:


Using all the current information out there at the minute, The Sun first broke the news that Man United were actually not looking to talk about Pedro but were in actual fact discussing the possibilities of a Neymar deal. Many outlets have said that it was a question posed to the Barca chiefs that Ed Woodward had asked if Neymar was available, reports were that he had received a stern "no" from the Barca Bosses. Then let us not forget, a day or two later when Man United took on Newcastle at "the Theatre of Dreams", Neymar's agent was pictured in the United directors area.

Then out of nowhere, the next information we hear is that Man Utd have met the release clause of Neymar, see below. A reputable Brazilian news agency, "globoesporte".

If this transfer does anything, it will be the biggest coup in world football. Neymar does however want a new contract, he signed a 5 year deal back in 2013 so let us not forget that this could just be his agents leaking the interest of pretty much the biggest powerhouse in world football, Man United, who have a history of scaring the likes of Real Madrid (Ramos) and Barca (Alves) into giving in to large contract demands of their best players in fear of losing them to the Red Devils.

This could be one to watch, although every man and his dog believe this to be another contract renewal process by the player and his agent.

Will he or won't he? Another love triangle between the media, Bale and Man United. Man United are really too easy to be linked to in recent years. Ever since the warchest was granted by the Glazers to King Louis Van Gaal. Louis has already bought his SCHmidfield and Man United look better because of it. With half of the sch-midfield being a descendant of of a certain Mr Alfred Schweinsteiger, Van Gaal and Woodward have already managed to pinch a world class central midfielder that has literally, "won the lot". Bale and Benitez, we can only assume get on as we have no other reasons to think otherwise but we know that Bale and the Madridistas are definitely not friends. Constantly booing the Welsh Wizard(apologies Giggsy), he is taking it in his stride but you never know!

More chance of Neymar, at least there is substance to that rumour. Unless we see the local welsh news outlet "Newyddion a mwy - BBC Cymru Fyw", come out with Man United meet a release clause, then it really is nothing.

De Bruyne

Looked almost certain to sign for the club, "that has lived in the shadows for such a long time, that their football shirts have turned a pale shade of blue due to the lack of sunlight", Manchester City. If Man United hijack this potential move, then it would more be one over on City than receiving another #10 where the position is pretty much over crowded as it is as there is Rooney, Mata, Januzaj, Herrera, Fellaini & Memphis all capable of playing there. Anyhow, De Bruyne plays very well for Belgium in a "wide forward" position and regularly out shines the PFA Footballer of the Year "Hazard". If he can bring his last seasons form for Wolfsburg into the Premier League then there is a possibility he could be an astute acquisition. Would he choose City over United? Nobody has yet.


Out of every link so far, De Bruyne looks like he will actually leave Wolfsburg this summer. With that being said, his destination is more or less going to be Manchester. Blue or Red? That is the question.


Van Gaal, a keen long admirer of the World Class German talent ever since he gave him his breakthrough into the Bayern team. World Class is a term that is used too loosely in modern football, but this lad is world class. At 25 years old, he is tipped to obliterate the World Cup Goal Scoring record. Muller has already scored 5 goals in his first two world cup tournaments, which is something that only 2 other players have done, fellow countryman Miroslav Klose and Teofilo Cubillas. Muller can play up top, out wide or as a second striker in and behind the primary striker.


Muller has history with Van Gaal, if Bayern accept a bid then maybe Muller will be easier to discuss and agree terms with than that of Neymar. This one is all about getting a bid accepted, but Bayern have already sold one player to Man United so they will not easily be swayed into accepting transfer offers.
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